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100% Guaranteed Loan Approval to Restructure your Business

Updated: Apr 11

We're happy to offer you a loan processing plan that starts at $5,000 and can help you get financing from TruFund for up to $750K.

The Strategy

  • Use the loan to prepare the documents needed to apply for the TruFund Loan

  • With monthly payments averaging $750/month, choose:

  • Option 1 Worst case scenario: make Four monthly payments before TruFund loans you money ($750 x 4 = $3,000)

  • Option 2 Best case scenario: Make TWO monthly payments before TruFund loans you money ($750 x 2+ $1,500)

  • Both Options are cheaper than the overall $5K upfront cost

  • Monthly payments are every 30 days (60 days total)

Loan Processing Steps:

  • Week 1-2

  • Apply for a 100% approval loan through MAC Enterprise Consulting up to $15,000K.

  • The approval amount will be based on Tiers 1-5.

  • Tier 5 is the lowest and best case; the amount funded to MAC Enterprise is $4K.

  • The bank does not give the client the funds; the bank lets the client get the consulting package by paying the consulting firm directly.

  • The first monthly payment of $750 is due upfront.

  • Week 2-3

  • Provide MAC Enterprise with two references

  • Bank routing/account number, and

  • Credit card information for automatic monthly payments.

  • Week 4-5

  • MAC Enterprise prepares the required documents, including

  • business plan,

  • financial statements