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American Express Cards: No Social Security Number Required!

For many entrepreneurs, the realm of business credit cards holds both promise and confusion. The revelation that a typical American Express business credit card requires your Social Security number often comes as a surprise. In this blog post, you can watch this video that shows how to get an American Express card without the need to use your Social Security number.

As you witnessed, thousands of business owners who have an American Express Business Card think they are not responsible when in fact, the terms and conditions of American Express business credit cards lay out a clear mandate: as the individual and Authorizing Officer of the Company, you assume personal liability for charges made on the card.

As I have mentioned in several TikTok Live Videos, on my YouTube Channel, Instagram, and on other platforms, you cannot be separate from something that you put your name accompanied by your Social Security number on.

However, there's a notable exception when it comes to the Corporate Card application process. Unlike its counterparts, the Corporate Card application doesn't require your Social Security number. Instead, the focus shifts to providing legal business information, including the:

  • Legal Company Name

  • Company Name (Doing Business As)

  • Tax ID Number

  • Corporate Phone Number

  • Corporate Website

  • Business Street Address

  • City, State, and Zip Code

But why the disparity? It all boils down to how U.S. law treats taxpayers. The distinction between U.S. persons and foreign persons for tax purposes is crucial. United States Persons encompass citizens, residents, domestic partnerships, and domestic corporations. This legal differentiation influences the documentation required for various financial transactions, including credit card applications.


Understanding the nuances of American Express business credit card applications is essential for entrepreneurs navigating the financial landscape. While the requirement of a Social Security number for typical business cards may seem daunting, the Corporate Card offers an alternative pathway, focusing on legal business information.

Stay informed, stay empowered. Knowing the ins and outs of credit card applications ensures that you make the best decisions for your business's financial health.

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