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Become the Business Owner You Were Meant to Be with Momentum!

🎓 School taught you a lot of things, but it didn't teach you how to become a business owner. That's where Momentum comes in!

For just $19/month, you can access a wealth of knowledge through our expertly crafted business training classes designed to help you navigate the world of entrepreneurship. Our monthly membership training sessions cover a variety of essential topics to ensure you have the tools and insights needed to succeed.

Here are some of the classes you get:

Monthly Membership Training Sessions:

Discover effective branding strategies and marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

Monthly Membership Training: Branding and Marketing Insights

Gain a clear understanding of Profit and Loss statements to manage your business finances better and make informed decisions.

Monthly Membership Training: Understanding the P&L Statement

Learn how to streamline your small business operations by automating your email processes.

Monthly Membership: Work Smarter Not Harder - Automating Your Business with Email

Explore various business automation tools and techniques to boost your efficiency and productivity.

Monthly Membership Training: The Art of Automation

Take part in our hands-on business growth challenge designed to push you out of your comfort zone and drive real growth.

Monthly Membership Training: Build Your Business Challenge

Plan your path to business success with a detailed annual roadmap tailored to your goals.

Monthly Membership Training: Vision 2024 - Mapping Your Annual Success Plan

Understand the intricacies of tax forms and expense tracking to ensure compliance and optimize your deductions.

Monthly Membership Training: Schedule C & 1120 Expense Line Items Explained

Learn the importance of tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) and how to measure what truly matters for your business success.

Monthly Membership Training: Measure What Matters with Dr. Denise Dennis

Start your journey towards becoming a successful business owner!

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