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Don't Be Part of the Conversation, Be the Conversation

In the dynamic world of business, the difference between merely participating in conversations about success and being the conversation is profound. For business owners, especially those just starting out or navigating the challenges of growth, it's crucial to shift focus from talking about the business they want to become to being the business that sets the standard.

Here are a few things that will help you become the conversation instead of just being part of it—encouraging you, as a business owner, to position your company as benchmarks for excellence, customer service, brand investment, a proven business plan, and proper bookkeeping systems.

  1. Set the Standard of Excellence:

  • Deliver top-notch products or services that prompt discussions about the high quality your business provides.

  • Embrace innovation and continuous improvement, setting your company apart as a leader in the industry.

  • Share success stories that position your business as synonymous with excellence.

  1. Define Outstanding Customer Service:

  • Provide the BEST customer service, building a reputation that others aspire to achieve.

  • Create memorable customer experiences that become the standard in your industry.

  • Proactively problem-solve and engage with clients early and often, making your company the go-to for exceptional service.

  1. Invest in Your Brand:

  • Position your company as the standard in today's competitive market.

  • Invest in all areas of your business to distinguish it as a professional entity rather than a hobby.

  • Showcase examples of your business successfully building and maintaining a powerful brand presence, demonstrating effective marketing strategies.

  1. A Proven Business Plan:

  • Illustrate how every aspect of your business aligns with the plan you set forth.

  • Demonstrate adaptability to challenges, showcasing your ability to mitigate risks in line with your business plan.

  • Allow others to see the connection between your business plan and the outputs your business provides.

  1. Proper Bookkeeping Systems:

  • Stand out as a business that has it together when others discuss businesses.

  • Showcase how your financial transactions go through automated systems, emphasizing the importance of accurate financial records.

  • Implement effective bookkeeping systems that serve as a model for others.

  1. Focus Efforts on Business Improvement:

  • Prioritize areas that need improvement, positioning your company as a leader in continuous enhancement.

  • Share success stories of your business transforming through strategic focus, inspiring others to follow suit.

  • Demonstrate a commitment to continuous business enhancement, positioning your company as the conversation starter.


Being the conversation in business circles requires a proactive approach to excellence, customer service, brand building, strategic planning, and financial management.

As a business owner, the goal should be to set the standard for others to follow, becoming a benchmark for success in the industry. By investing time and effort into these critical areas, businesses can not only join discussions but lead them, influencing the narrative and shaping perceptions.

Remember, you can sit around talking about how others run their business, or your business can be the one that others sit around and talk about.

You choose!

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