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M.A.C. Enterprise Consulting Helps Small Businesses Thrive With Customized Business Coaching

By How We Buy Black Staff

Here’s a sad fact: 80 percent of Black businesses will not make it past 18 months. Most of these businesses fail because of a “faulty infrastructure or business model”. If you want to run a successful business beyond the first couple of years, then you need to start off right — with the right knowledge and tools to stay afloat in the long run.

M.A.C Enterprise Consulting, a full-service business consulting agency, is the difference between an entity thriving or failing. Founder Dewayne Williams launched the agency in 2017. He worked as a consultant for 15 years, consulting for corporations like Royal Caribbean, Shell, ConocoPhillips, and Chevron. He was also part of the team that restructured Boeing’s inventory management system.

Now he’s trading in the world of corporate consulting to help small businesses thrive.

Williams takes each client on what he calls the Journey to Success – a series of 25 steps to getting your business done properly. “I walk each business owner through every single step,” Williams said.

The Houston-based consulting firm helps with:

  • Writing a business plan

  • Marketing services

  • Business structuring

  • Accounting and bookkeeping

  • Tax support

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90% of Small Businesses Overpay in Taxes

More than 90 percent of entrepreneurs overpay their taxes every year. One of M.A.C. Enterprise Consulting’s main services is helping small businesses properly structure their company to save thousands in taxes.

In a matter of minutes, Williams demonstrated how a business could have $80,000 paid back to them every year.

Williams also offers free business assessments, which you can complete online. And unlike other consulting businesses, M.A.C. Enterprise Consulting offers financing. This was especially important to Williams, as he didn’t want finances to be a reason business owners don’t get the help they desperately need.

M.A.C. Enterprise Consulting accepts clients virtually and at its Houston, TX office. Williams also travels to help businesses.

So, what’s one piece of advice Williams gives to new business owners? “Make sure you have a business plan, because your business plan determines what your structure should be. When you think about the long term, your structure really matters”.

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