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Stop Making Excuses and Start Building Your Business

"If you want to hide something from people, put it in a book!”

How can so many people know this saying and still not read? It’s baffling. Many people think everything is a scam, but the real scam is seeing the truth and doing nothing about it.

Yesterday, I presented proof in black and white, believing that once people saw the truth, they would act on it. But it seems many business owners are under a spell, their minds made up: “Even if I see the truth, I won’t act on it.” The reality is, more people desire to have things handed to them rather than work to build the legacy they want to leave behind. Some claim fear stops them, but I believe it’s a much deeper issue.

Business Loans Without Personal Credit

Let's take the idea of getting a business loan without using your personal credit. This idea seems too good to be true. If we are honest, many people's first reaction is that this is a scam because we have been conditioned to believe that everything requires our social security number since birth.

But here is the TRUTH

(this is where reading comes into play):

When you set up a business that’s completely separate from you, it has a better chance of success. It doesn’t rely on someone who always has an excuse. I know that many people believe this is where they need to get an LLC, but you are WRONG.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, when you select Limited Liability Company (LLC), you select a structure that is only allowed by state statute and a structure that is formed by filing Articles of Organization.

LLCs are not incorporated and do not file articles of incorporation.

A business is incorporated when it has been granted a charter legally recognizing it as a separate entity with its own privileges, rights, and liabilities distinct from other businesses and persons.

A corporation is a person or group of people who establish a legal entity by filing articles of incorporation with the state's secretary of state, granting it certain legal powers, rights, privileges, and liabilities.

By positioning itself properly, a business can secure funding from a payment processing company like Stripe, based on meeting these qualifications:

  • Be based in the US: Stripe Capital supports businesses located or incorporated in the US, though local rules and regulations might limit availability in some states.

  • Process payments on Stripe for 6 months or more.

  • Have a processing volume of at least $5,000 per year.

  • Maintain good standing with Stripe Capital: If your business previously applied for a loan and was rejected, you’re not eligible to receive a new offer for 30 days.

  • Geographic limitations may apply.

This is where you probably want to stop reading, but do NOT fall into the trap.

KEEP READING and you will change your life.


How Stripe Determines Eligibility

Stripe determines eligibility using a combination of factors, including overall processing volume and history on Stripe. Eligible US businesses with at least 6 months of processing history receive an email and Dashboard notification if they have an offer available.

Impact on Personal Credit

Applying for a loan through Stripe doesn’t require a personal credit check and won’t affect your personal credit score.

Building Business Credit

Stripe Capital reports loan performance to the Small Business Financial Exchange, helping build a financial profile for your business. This can enhance your business’s ability to access credit from other providers.

Take Action Now

I’ve put together an 8-minute video that shows proof of this process, but you need to watch it to understand. If you’ve read this far, you’re halfway there. Now, you need to watch the video to see the proof for yourself.

The question is, are you the person who will always have something hidden from you? Are you the person who always thinks something is a scam? Or will you be the person who reads, watches, and acts?

The choice is yours.

Today is Memorial Day, and if you use the discount code Memorial Day, you get the class for 50% off.

Let’s see which person you decide to be today!

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